Barcade Bartop Machine (1299 Games)


This professionally finished Barcade arcade machine will make the perfect addition to any games room and keep kids, adults and guests entertained for hours.

This Machine is Perfect for people that don’t have room for one of our full size arcade machines, but still want to play all the classics

Machine Highlights:

• 1299 Classic Games including ALL Street Fighters, All Metal Slugs, Double Dragon, Snow Brothers, Space Invaders, Galaga, Pacman, Galaxian, 1942, Dig Dug, Frogger Ect (Just to name a few)

•This combination makes the unit an Ultimate piece of “Arcade Machine” History

•20″ inch LCD Monitor (actual Arcade Screen, Not Computer Screen BIG DIFFERENCE)(All of our Arcade Machines come with real Arcade Screens, Not a Computer Monitor or TV Screen, if you move your mouse around your computer screen you will notice a “tail” behind, on a computer this ok when you click an icon but when you play games such as Galaga it look terrible)

•Retro style “Pixels” cabinet

•Red Batton Genuine Arcade 8 Way Joystick & Buttons (you need 8 way to play ALL Games)

•LED Buttons that Light up Red and Blue with Chrome Trim (6 each Player)

•2 x Stereo speakers, volume, Bass, Treble adjustable

•65cm Tall x 46cm Depth x 56cm Wide

•Full 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty

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