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Ferrari Outrun Car Racing

$4999 or $7999 for 2

This awesome machine is the same as you would see at Arcades,  Full Commercial Machine, that will become the centre piece of any Mancave or Games Room.

Why pay more than this for an old second hand 20 year old driving game that has been hammered like a taxi in arcades, is scratched up, busted and comes with clapped out monitors and guaranteed to break down, when you can own a Brand New Shiny Driving Game with all the Modern Perks and Full Warranty.

This Driving Game is one of the biggest Arcade hits , combining unbelievable Graphics and Action Packed Competitive Driving experiences as you race against friends and family.

Based on the original smash hit game of the Eighties, this Brand new modern version has all the amazing mind blowing graphics you would expect from a latest version and all new realistic driving physics and full 3D style action. Its an amazing machine, you can even choose to listen to different Music as you race, Many different Ferrari Cars, Even choose the colour of the Car. Freedom to choose your destination at each checkpoint means there are endless possibilities to explore on your race. From countryside, to beachfront, to mountain terrain and snow, you can race anywhere you want to go. And it plays so smooth and sweet you wont want to stop playing. Just imagine how good this would be at your next party or function.  It also has amazing lights and looks amazing!

This will be your Games Room Stand Out Feature Piece, with its super clear 32″ LCD Commercial Arcade Screens


These are available in a Single machine and are small enough to fit through most doors,  or Buy 2 and you can race your family and Friends

Size: 187mm Length x 114mm Width x 177mm High

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