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3 Player Arcade Machine
(1940 Games)



This machines has every game you can remember plus a Huge amount more. 

It contains a Massive 1940 Classic Arcade Games. 
All Versions of Street Fighter, Defender, Galaga, 1942, Space Invaders, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Gyruss, Hyper Olympics, Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong Junior Just to name a few 
(see below for the complete Games List) 

* This Machine allows you to play together at the same time, Sitting Side by Side. Challenge your friends and family

* Joysticks and Buttons that light up, Look at the Pictures it looks Fantastic

* Toughened Glass Top that covers the Controls to avoid spillage on to controls 

* Huge 22″ Commercial Arcade Screen  (Not a Computer Screen, Ask us the differences we will explain)

* Adjustable Height so you can make the machine Higher or lower 

* Easy to navigate Menus to choose the games easily and quickly 

* Can be set for free play or coins 
(Perfect if you want to have it in a shop can be set for $1 or $2 Coins) 

* Strong Solid Cabinet.

* 2 Free Gas Lift Stools.

* 87cm x 65cm x 73cm

* Full 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty 

Click Here To See Full Games List!

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