Virtual Pinball Machine (881 Games)


Why only one Pinball now you can have them all

Designed right here by Perth Arcade Machines


Come in to our Malaga Showroom to have a look and play.. they are totally awesome.

Now includes 881 inbuilt Games

You will never believe these Virtual Machines.

881 Games inbuilt, Yes 881 Games inbuilt.

This Awesome machine has every Pinball ever Made from the 1960s, 70s, 80s up to Today

Adams Family, KISS, Star Trek Next Generation, Playboy, The Walking Dead, Haunted House.. Just to name a Few

Many Customers have come to our showroom wanting a specific  pinball machine, which is almost impossible to find not to mention finding parts if something goes wrong IS impossible, Ever tried to buy a motherboard or computer part for a 1992 computer its impossible, Pinball is much harder

With the Perth Arcade Machines Virtual Pinball, now you can have it all at a push of a button!

The Pinball is a full size, fully digital pinball machine which offers multiple games.

It’s also a much more reliable option as it doesn’t contain all the mechanical parts which can fail at any time.

3 screen setup :  Samsung Commercial Arcade LCD’s

42″ LED for playfield, 32″ LED for back glass ,15″ LED for DMD

  • Original Pinball Cabinet
  • Original Pinball Legs and Stainless Steel Side Rails
  • Easy Alphabetical Game Selection
  • Working Pinball Plunger to release ball
  • Silver Stainless Steel Lock Bar
  • Powerful Sub Woofer with Speakers
  • Original Pinball Legs and Stainless Steel Side Rail
  • LED Buttons with Chrome Trim

Full 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty

Dimension : 135 (L)x 72 (W)x 172(H) cm ; Weight : 95 KG

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