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Second Hand Machines


 * Buccaneer Mechanical Pinball Machine from 1976 $3499

Plays and looks beautiful, Truly old School with its Mechanical Scoring, Amazing game play in this cool late 70’s


  • Skill Tester, Crane Machine in awesome Condition $2495
This Machine is currently on free play but can be changed back to coins if required.
Will pay for itself in No Time, you can Adjust the Difficulty so it can Pick up often or not.
Fully Working and is in excellent Condition
Can be set for more difficult settings or easy.
Currently has balls inside but can Have toys or any other thing you may want.


  • Virtua Cop 2 Dual Shooting Game, with Huge Screen $3300

Game Introduction

You go through a total of three stages shooting anything that moves (except the hostages). There are three full stages that you can beat in any order and after you complete all three you fight the last boss on the fourth and final stage.

Game Play

Virtua City is in trouble again. Playing as one of the two heroic cops, you put your life on the line cleaning up the mess of scum in the city. This game is a little more challenging than the original since the stages are longer and there are tougher enemies to fight.



  • Atari Road Riot.. Drive your buggies against your friend while shooting at each other, heaps of fun $3999

Players control four wheel drive dune buggies equipped with weapons. After conquering the basic track, players will have to navigate through 11 additional tracks in order to win the championship. The locations are Saudi Arabia, Iowa, Africa, Swiss Alps, Baja Mexico, Antarctica, Ohio, Las Vehas, New Jersey, California and Australia. A player has to beat three vehicles in order to win the race. An infinite amount of missiles is used to knock opponents out of the way. Crashing into certain obstacles will allow the player to collect extra points


These Jukeboxes is in excellent Condition, Can be on free Play or coins.
$3999 Each Packed full of CD’s
Pioneer Quality Japanese Made, really loud and quality Sound.
Perfect for the Man cave, Games room, party hire or Pub.
Very rare Find wont last.

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