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1 Player Wooden TV Game (19 Games)



This Machines plug into your TV so you can play all the classics on the Big Screen


* This Awesome Console plugs directly into your TV or Computer Monitor via VGA

* Solidly Built Made of Wood
* Commercial Joystick and Buttons

* Easy to navigate Menus to choose the games easily and quickly

* 59cm Long 20cm wide and 13cm High

* inbuilt Speakers with Volume Control

Custom Made in our Malaga Workshop Perth Arcade Machines

For many years our customers have asked, Why cant I get a TV Games with the Real Arcade feel and Joysticks, so we developed just this, a Wooden box with the same controls as our ever popular range of Cocktail and Stand Up Machines.

Just plug into your TV or Computer Monitor and Play all the games like Defender, Ghost’n Goblins, Rally X, Super Mario Bros, Joust just to name a Few

Solidly Built, made to last the distance.

(see Games list below).

1 Defender

2 Stargate

3 Bubbles

4 Joust

5 Robotron

6 Blaster

7 Splat

8 Rally X

9 Battle City

10 Mario Bros

11 New Rally X

12 Ghost’n Goblins

13.Solomon’s Key

14 Gradius

15 Sky Kid

16 Ice Climber

17 Super Mario Bros

18 Do! RunRun

19 Kick Rider


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