2 Player Arcade Pro TV Console (2710 Games)


Key Features:

  • Custom Made by Perth Arcade Machines
  • High-quality TV console arcade machine
  • 2710 classic arcade games all in one
  • Adjustable volume control or use you TV Volume
  • Brand new machine made by the best in the industry
  • Ideally-sized – fits almost anywhere
  • Easy to use – just plug and play
  • Great gaming menu to select games
  • Real Arcade buttons and joysticks for 2-player action
  • 70cm Length x 15cm Tall x 23cm Depth
  • Full 90 day Warranty

The Arcade Pro 2710 features a beautiful finish with eye-catching bespoke graphics. This robust machine is built to last and give you years of gaming pleasure.

The Arcade Pro 2710 has the classic look of an arcade machine control panel with all the convenience of a modern multi-game machine. This amazing machine will bring back memories of classic arcade gaming and is bound to be popular with everyone.

2710 Classic Games including ALL Street Fighters, Moon Patrol, Hyper Olympics, All Metal Slugs, Double Dragon, Snow Brothers, Space Invaders, Galaga, Pacman, Galaxian, 1942, Dig Dug, Frogger Ect (Just to name a few)

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