3 Player Edition (3500 Games)


This machines has every game you can remember plus a Huge amount more. 

This cocktail arcade table, can have up to 3 players and features 3500 horizontal arcade classic games for the ultimate authentic arcade experience.

It comes with an awesome high quality 22″ gaming screen and it looks amazing with it’s soft curves, retro graphics and chrome sleek finishes.

Re-live your favourite arcade gaming moments with a huge variety of 3,500 different genuine arcade games, including,  All Versions of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Defender, Galaga, 1942, Space Invaders, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Gyruss, Hyper Olympics, Moon Patrol, Space Invaders Just to name a few.

(see below for the complete Games List) 


* 3 Joysticks and 3 different sets of controls, allowing you to have up to 3 players at any one time, ideal for playing the ultimate classic competitive games, so you can play side by side or alternate turns.

* High quality 22″ LCD Arcade Gaming Screen which can viewed from any angle.

* 1 Player and 2 Player Classic Arcade Buttons.

* 6mm Thick Tempered Glass than covers controls in case of drink spillage.

* Strong Solid Wood Cabinet.

* Red Batton Genuine Arcade 8 Way Joysticks (you need 8 way to play all Game)

* Blue & Red classic, LED light up authentic original arcade Buttons with chrome trim.

* Custom Donkey Kong Door with white mesh Background, Donkey Kong is 8mm Thick and illuminated from the Blue Light.

* Chrome edge design.

* Coin operated or set to free play.

* Easy set up – plug and play.

*3500 Games in 1 Machine.

* Adjustable Height so you can make the machine Higher or lower.

* Easy to navigate Menus to choose the games easily and quickly.

* 2 Free Height Adjustable Gas Lift Stools with Leather Top (valued at $350).

* 71cm Tall x 87cm Depth x 65cm Wide.

* Full  12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty .

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