want the Best Machine Money can Buy. This is it


This is the Ultimate sit down Cocktail arcade machine, 4 Players Can Play at the same time.

The 32″ Screen can Actually lift up so you can play this machine as stand up or sit down configuration complete with all the games you can remember plus so much More.


4 Players can play at the same time, all the classic games like Gauntlet, NBA Jam, Rampage, All Versions of Street fighter, Hyper Olympic, Moon Patrol ect side by side at the same time (see Pics)



* 3500 Classic Arcade games in one machine (literally every game made).

* High quality 32″ LCD Arcade Gaming Screen that lifts up.

* With monitor faced horizontal you’ll get full screen, full aspect ratio.

* Blue & Red LED Light up original arcade buttons with chrome trim.

* Red Batton Genuine Arcade 8 way Joysticks (you need 8 way to play all the games).

* Best of all you’ll be able to challenge your friends at the same time!

* Easy to Navigate menus (all alphabetical order).

* coin operated or set to free play.

* 4 Free Gas Lift Stools with Leather Top.

* Full 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty.

* 120cm Tall with Screen Lifted x 78cm Depth x 107cm Wide.

What makes the Ultimate Edition special?


  • Designed by us for you – all machines are designed by the best in the industry, using high quality components to exacting standards. Parts, such as the power supply, are Australian specification and as a result are far more reliable. All our machines meet the required CE regulations, so you can be totally confident in the quality and reliability of your arcade machine.
  • High Quality Screen – we use top brand monitors in our arcade machines. These screens are brighter, clearer and the colours are more vivid.
  • Beautiful 32″ Display – the 32″ LCD screen offers a perfect view of all of your favourite games and is gas lift or can be played in the traditional way .
  • Genuine Toughened Glass – our arcade machines all use 6mm thick toughened glass for super clear vision and are super tough. Some machines use perspex which is not as clear, scratches easily and can crack.
  • Competition Grade Components – we use top specification competition joysticks, which have fantastic build quality and precision response. The fire buttons are all genuine arcade grade pieces, designed to last for years even when used by the most competitive of players.
  • Hand Built – The ultimate edition is hand built and fully tested to ensure our high standard of quality


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