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We have moved to our new Bigger Better Showroom on Malaga Drive

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Perth Arcade Machines is Perth’s Only Arcade Showroom

We only Sell arcade machines
Biggest Range Best Prices

Don’t Risk buying a machine from an online store or from someones home, what happens if something goes wrong, they will tell you “We will send you the parts”, do you really think its safe for someone untrained to stick thier hands in 240 volts, We have a fully equipped Workshop and fully trained Technicians in the unlikely event will fix any issues that may happen.

Full Range In Stock.. You Can Have it Today!!

Remember the days playing the arcade machines at the local pizza place, fish & chip shop, the bowling alley, the roller skating rinks in Morley and Balcatta and Ice World in Mirrabooka?

We remember those days and what fun….. trying to get the high score in 1942, Galaga, Pacman and Space Invaders.

Perth Arcade Machines has been built from the  obsession with those games and today

All our machines are solidly manufactured to make sure they last the distance.

All Machines use an original Arcade Screen, Not a Computer Screen or TV Screen, if you move your mouse around your computer screen you will notice a “tail” behind, on a computer this ok when you click an icon but when you play games such as Galaga it look terrible.

All the games are originals…no copies…they are the originals from the 70’s,80’s,90s and up to Today, the games are the exact same ones you remember playing even down to cheats that Donkey Kong had.

What’s even better, is instead of having only one game per machine, ours come with 60 Games ,118, 1505.1940 and even up to a whopping 2019 games in one unit.

The menus are easy to navigate and we stock a full range of machines from Sit Down Machines right up to Stand-up machines to suit everyone

So relive the memories and introduce a whole new generation to arcade machine fun.

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(Please Phone First as we are sometimes out on deliveries and would hate to miss you)

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