Perths premiere arcade game supplier

Premium Controls

The Highest Quality Joysticks and Buttons as standard
The number 1 reason customers come to Perth Arcade Machines, is for the quality of our machines. Customer’s may have purchased other machines, or play tested other machines with different joysticks or buttons previously and they may have been disappointed with there previous purchase or experience and are now looking for a machine with tight and responsive controls and true arcade authenticity. This is where Perth arcade machines truly shine and where we are able to separate ourselves from the pack.

All of our machines come with original premium Joysticks, buttons and screens as standard. This means you are getting the very best arcade quality joysticks, buttons and screens without paying extra for them. Premium arcade joysticks and buttons are what provides the unique control and experience of owning an arcade machine. This is one of the main reason’s, customers invest in our machines. You want only the best arcade machine at a great price, you owe it to yourself, to buy a machine with the most authentic controls, which we can proudly stand by with our premium arcade machines.

Premium Parts & Quality Tested

All of our machines are 100% brand new with all brand new genuine parts.
Our machines are tested before packing, Rick (our Owner) travels to all the factories with every order to test ALL Machines and make sure they are up to our high Standards.
All of the materials are bolted together and not clipped in place.
Premium quality finish in the artwork and the entire cabinet work, our machines look amazing and are quality built throughout.
All of our Upright Arcade machines, come with a Light Up Marquee as standard which adds to the truly authentic look and feel.
Our machines all come standard with purpose built LCD HD gaming machine screens which are machine fitted at factory delivering the highest quality arcade visuals.

All of our machines come with Free Play or Coin Operated as a standard feature.
The menu system is purpose built to be very easy to use. Just scroll down to view one game at a time, or scroll left or right to page up or down quickly to get to your game of choice much faster.

The menu system also has a “Genre” feature allowing you to easily access your favourite arcade gaming category. The games play exactly as they did in the original arcades, right down to the very detail.

All machines have been vigorously tested at factory to ensure a high quality product. Our Cocktail tables all use 6mm thick premium safety glass.
Our Virtual Pinball Machines all use genuine premium stainless steel.
The combination of all of the above, means a premium product across all of our hand picked machines. All of our machines are built to last, giving you a great return on your investment.

Easy Plug and Play

Every arcade machine is a plug and play machine. Once you open up the box, plug the power cord into the wall, you then just need to turn it on and the machine will be ready to play.

Quality in the manufacturing process

Our Machines are manufactured in a wide number of factories in many different parts of the world, Rick (our owner) is a fully qualified computer engineer who travels to ALL the factories before the order is shipped and checks every machine to ensure our quality, Rick is also involved in the Design of all of our products. Our machines are all manufactured in a high quality, sophisticated manufacturing plant facility, that builds thousands and thousands of arcade machines annually. We have selected the very best of suppliers, with stringent quality control processes and manufacturing techniques, using high end machinery and equipment. They have been in the business of making these machines for over 15 years. This means your arcade machine is built under a consistent and perfected manufacturing formula.


Established in 1985, Perth Arcade Machines is a family owned and operated company based in Perth. We have Perth’s only Arcade product showroom where you can come and test-drive our full Range.

Perth Arcade Machines offers a range of items for sale to suit your home, office or business. If you’re looking for a gift we’d be glad to spend some time with you to make sure you end up with the right Machine.

We also offer a fantastic range of amusement machines for sale. We will not compromise on quality, Sure anyone can sell cheaper but do you really want “Cheaper”. You’ll find our machines are the best in the industry and we are happy to show you the differences. They’ll look fantastic, and more importantly play fantastic and are reliable.

We’re proud of the products and service we offer and are very passionate about what we do. We love our job, and we hope we can share that with you!

A word from owner/Chief Game Player……

“I was one of these kids that really could not see what use at school learning about captain cook and other non important life skills we are taught at school, I had a strong interest in business Studies and Computers at school and excelled at both of these subjects. During school holiday my friends and me would always go into the Perth city to Timezone, Osborne Park Bowling Alley, Morley Roller Drome or basically any Deli that had an arcade machine inside. It became an obsession with Galaga, Moon Patrol ect.

Once I finished School at the ripe old age of 18 in 1986, I started my own computer business and opened my first computer shop on Scarborough Beach Road called Ergo Computers with absolutely no money and sharing a premises with a bathroom business, I worked hard and made heaps and heaps of mistakes and in 1990 achieved the “young achievers award for business”, We designed and manufactured Computers for some of the biggest companies in Australia, partially in the mining industry, I kept on with the computer business until around 2000 when the industry started to decline, I started looking for other products that wouldn’t look out of place in a Computer store, I built my first arcade machine in 2001, A hand build cabinet with some computer parts I scrambled together, it was far from a commercial product so I decided to travel overseas to find a factory to fulfill my Arcade Dreams, Since then I have been involved in the design and manufacture of every machine we sell, not just “where is the cheapest price” but the quality of every component.

For me it never ends and I’m constantly working on new arcade projects to fulfill my childhood dreams. I hope that I can share these with you all! Happy Gaming!”

Rick Greedy (by name but not nature)