Cocktail & Sit down Machines

3 Player Edition
(3500 Games)

This machine has every game you can remember plus a Huge amount more.

This cocktail arcade table can have up to 3 players and features 3500 horizontal arcade classic games for the ultimate authentic arcade experience.

It comes with an awesome high quality 22″ gaming screen and it looks amazing with its soft curves, retro graphics and chrome sleek finishes.

Re-live your favourite arcade gaming moments with a huge variety of 3,500 different genuine arcade games, including, All Versions of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Defender, Galaga, 1942, Space Invaders, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Gyruss, Hyper Olympics, Moon Patrol, Space Invaders Just to name a few.

What makes the 3 Player Edition special?

Designed by us for you – all machines are designed right here in Perth by our fully qualified computer engineer, using high quality components to exacting standards. Parts, such as the power supply, are
Australian specification and as a result are far more reliable. All our machines meet the required CE regulations, so you can be totally confident in the quality and reliability of your arcade machine.

High Quality Screen – we use top brand monitors in our arcade machines. These screens are brighter, clearer and the colours are more vivid. You can also view these screens from any angle, many cheaper models have to be viewed straight on which prevents others from watching and force you to always view from one position.

Beautiful 22″ Display – the 22″ LCD screen can viewed from any angle and offers a perfect view of all of your favourite games.

Genuine Toughened Glass – our arcade machines all use 6mm thick toughened glass for super clear vision and are super tough. Some machines use perspex which is not as clear, scratches easily and can crack.

Competition Grade Components – we use top specification competition joysticks, which have fantastic build quality and precision response. The fire buttons are all genuine arcade grade pieces, designed to last for years even when used by the most competitive of players.

Hand Built – The Deluxe edition is hand built and fully tested to ensure our high standard of quality, every piece of wood is checked before manufacturing for any imperfections and replaced if any is found.