4K Virtual Pinball Machine
(1319 GAMES)

Available in awesome KISS Design

This is the ultimate Virtual Pinball, completely Deigned right here in Perth by us

No other Virtual Pinball on the market comes close

49″ 4K Playfield
solenoid feedback
Shaker motor
Visual DMD
Upgrade LED light kit including under lighting, speakers and play area

Why only one Pinball now you can have them all

Completely Re-Designed for 2023

New Features Never Before seen and only available from Perth Arcade Machines.


The biggest problem with owning a pinball machine is that you’re always stuck with the one machine. Once you’ve mastered that machine you’ll be longing for more.

This Virtual pinball machine is a full size, full digital pinball machine which offers multiple tables (1319 classic and modern tables) at the push of a button.
It’s also a much more reliable option as it doesn’t contain all the mechanical parts of an old style pinball which can fail at any time and are getting more and more expensive to repair!

This amazing machine will bring back memories and is bound to be popular with everyone.

Key Features:
  • 1319 Pinball Games (virtually every pinball ever made)
  • 49″ 4K Playfield
  • solenoid feedback
  • Shaker motor
  • Visual DMD
  • Upgrade LED light kit including under lighting, speakers and play area
  • Inbuilt Jukebox with music Videos
  • Ability to make a favorite list
  • menus are alphabetical for easy searching
  • Original Pinball Cabinet
  • Original Pinball Legs
  • Stainless Steel Rails
  • Stainless Steel Lock Bar
  • Top Folds Down for Easy Transport
  • Working Pinball Plunger to release Ball
  • LED Buttons with Chrome Trim
  • Easy Game Selection
  • 3 Screen Setup 49″ Playfield, 32″ Backglass and 17″ Video DMD
  • Easy to use – just plug and play away
  • 2 Front Speakers and internal Sub-Woofer
  • 145cm Length x 190 Tall x 83cm Wide
  • Full 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty
What makes our 4K Virtual Pinball special?
  • Designed by us for you – This virtual pinball machine is designed by the best in the industry, using high quality components to exacting standards. Parts, such as the power supply, are Australian specification and as a result are far more reliable. All our machines meet the required CE regulations, so you can be totally confident in the quality and reliability of your machine.
  • High Quality Screen – we use top brand monitors in our Pinball. These screens are brighter, clearer and the colours are more vivid. You can also view these screens from any angle, many cheaper models have to be viewed straight on which prevents others from watching and force you to always view from one position.
  • Why our Virtual Pinball –The Virtual Pinball Machine is a pinball enthusiast’s dream machine, combining the convenience of digital pinball with the incomparable feel of a real pinball table. For players who want a variety of Pinball games but don’t have the space, or simply for anyone who wants to be able to play all the games they remember from the past, the pinball offers an unparalleled experience. Simply turn on the machine, choose your game easily via our Aphabetical game list and you’re ready to start playing!
  • Genuine Toughened Glass – our Pinball use thick toughened glass for super clear vision and are super tough. Some machines use perspex which is not as clear, scratches easily and can crack.
  • Competition Grade Components – we use top specification competition Plunger, and buttons, which have fantastic build quality and precision response. They are all genuine arcade grade pieces, designed to last for years even when used by the most competitive of players.
  • Hand-Built – Hand-built to the highest standards, every pinball is made by true enthusiasts and their love of pinball is apparent in every part of the experience. We uses only genuine pinball and arcade parts (including the all important plunger) and a wide body to give the authentic look and feel you would expect from a great pinball machine.