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SKU: PAM0018

Mortal Kombat Upright Arcade Machine (4700 Games)

$2,499.00 Inc GST

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This machine comes complete with a whopping 4,700 Games, Ranging from your classic games such as Galaga, Frogger, Pacman, 1942, Double Dragon, Bubble Bobble, Metal Slug to even the more popular Hyper Olympics, Street Fighter (All versions), King of Fighters, Marvel vs. Capcom and Gemfighters!

This arcade machine is setup for 2 player with 6 buttons per player. Enjoy hours and hours of entertainment out of the one machine! Great for the home entertainment room or in the office just to let off some steam!

  • Designed by us for you – All machines are designed by us using high quality components. Parts, such as the power supply, are Australian specification and as a result are far more reliable. All our machines meet the required CE regulations, so you can be totally confident in the quality and reliability of your arcade machine
  • Beautiful, High Quality 26″ LCD Screen – We use top brand monitors in our arcade machines. Our screens are brighter, clearer, and with vivid colours.
  • Genuine Toughened Glass – All our arcade machines use 6mm thick toughened glass for clear vision and are super strong. Some other machines on the market use Perspex which is not as clear, scratches very easily and can crack and degrade over time.
  • Competition Grade Components – We only use top specification competition joysticks, which have fantastic build quality and precision response. The fire buttons are all genuine arcade pieces, designed to last for years even when used by the most competitive of players.
  • Hand Built – Our machines are hand built and fully tested to ensure a high standard of quality. Every piece of wood is checked for any imperfections prior to manufacturing.
  • 4,700 Games inbuilt with easy Menu System to choose games in Alphabetical order.
  • Awesome Mortal Kombat Design with Graphics on both Sides and Front of Machine.
  • 2 player with 6 LED buttons with Chrome Surround.
  • Red Bat Top Genuine Arcade 8 Way Joysticks (you need 8 way to play all Games).
  • Free play or can use coins.
  • Stereo Speakers with Volume, Bass and Treble Controls.
  • Product Dimensions: 76W x 72D x 171H (cm).
  • Weight: 85kg
  • Mains Power: 240v
  • 24 Months Return to Base Warranty